With Monetbil, you accept payments by mobile phone and bill your customers directly through their Airtime or their Mobile Money account.

Monetbil uses an advanced security system for encryption to provide completely secure transactions.

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  1. The merchant sends bills to customer;
  2. Customer starts a payment request by mobile phone;
  3. Monetbil sends a Mobile Money request to the operator;
  4. Mobile operator charges the customer for the amount to be paid;
  5. Monetbil informs the merchant of the paid bills;
  6. Monetbil sends a payment confirmation via SMS / email to the customer.

Widest Reach

Access to millions of mobile users through direct operator billing.

Easy Integration

Simple and easy to integrate API gives you the opportunity to monetize your goods and services through the mobile operator networks.

Easy and Pratical

Payment process in one click for digital goods and services using mobile Internet.

Highly Secure

Without need to register or enter the details of your credit card, it is among the safest means of payment.

The Best Support

We are at your service around the clock via email, Skype and telephone.

Monetbil is for you.

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